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  1. Huesin Moderator 1h 49m ago

    Quote by DontTellDadhe is a good friend huey... i can trust him and we both like boys XD

    please at least give the soul thing a rest k?

    lifes ok and works good sometimes too... im trying to save up for presents now and all the family will be home on christmas... even my bratty brother is better near christmas... he believes in santa and behaves... im gonna bake pies too!

    so whats christmas like there huey? what plans do you got... have a girl friend to give a special present to?

    Well that's a plus xD

    Aww ok I will give it a rest x3x But only for a month or two :P

    That's good to hear. Damn, it's that time of the year already? I have to start saving money too, but I don't know what kind of presents should I give to my family, or to online friends.. it's hard to give things to friends here :/
    Nice, are you good at baking? Do you know how to make lemon pies? :)

    Christmas is almost the same here, except we don't get any snow cuz of summer xP It's a hot hot Christmas x.x
    Uhh no I don't have one.. I mean.. not really.. and you? ^^;
    Sigh.. if I was in japan I'd feel lonely right now. Christmas is a big holiday for couples there..

  2. Hooyaah 10h 43m ago

    Quote by DontTellDad

    that makes sense... i guess

    i see then... wow... i mean for real? i didnt know there was a faq... nobody told me o_o

    whats your name? can i ask how old you are?

    My name is Steve, but here they call me "Hoo." Sure, you may ask. I will reply by informing you that my daughter is eighteen, the same age as you. Therefore, I am old enough to be your father.

  3. Huesin Moderator 13h 55m ago

    Quote by DontTellDadyou got that right huey

    nope, hes gay... totally not into girls but i dont care cuz we talk about stuff that i would never say around a strait guy

    you were seeming sorta nice and normal till you got weird again and ran off with my decoy fake soul... :p

    give it up already mister... so we can talk about more intresting stuff... unless thats all you got XD

    He sounds like a good friend to have around tbh.

    xD Sorry sorry, I couldn't resist making the same soul jokes :P I was serious about the soul stealing part tho >:)

    Never give up is my motto :P You're right, let's talk about something else. How's life, and work? It's still november but what are your plans for Christmas day? :o

  4. Huesin Moderator 2d 2h ago

    Quote by DontTellDadno i can read actions and words huey... boys make it easy to read them and some demand what they want and thats pretty clear enough isnt it?

    its ok either way... one of my best friends likes me but doesnt like-like girls... if you know what i mean
    you seem normal to me... and kind of nice... i mean when youre not schmoozin for my soul XD

    Well I guess most boys are predictable and easy to read.

    He's bi, probably :o and you're right, it's ok.
    I'm pretty normal tbh.. and thanks~ you're kinda nice too :)

    if only I didn't have this obsession with souls.. *steals your soul and runs away* mwahaha, gotcha! :P

  5. Hooyaah 2d 2h ago

    Quote by DontTellDadthank you... nobody here told me about all that stuff and how do you know that i dont like fb? why do you use green when you post? and how do you know so much? O_O

    I'm a trained observer, Hannah. I look at facts and afterward I make an assessment based on the data and the most likely answers just come to me. There's no real magic to it. If you liked Facebook or other forms of social media like Twitter, Instagram, or Snapchat you would likely not spend much time here.

    I use green font because it makes my posts stand out. That way I am able to quickly identify my posts and I believe that they are easier to read. I'm assuming that your query regarding my knowledge is as it is relative to this website. I have been a member here for quite some time and I even wrote the Minitokyo FAQ back when I was a site moderator. I now am a moderator at another website totally unrelated to this one.

  6. Hooyaah 3d 0h ago

    Hannah, there are a lot of things that you will find out about this site over time. One of them is "achievements" that you get points toward. by doing different things like posting in forums, reporting posts that go against the rules, tagging scans and wallpapers, completing an accounting of anime that you are currently watching, and so on you can build up points until you "master" each particular achievement.

    Years ago this website was very popular but interest has waned over time. You seem like a nice young woman who just wants to make some friends. I understand that sometimes other forms of social media like Facebook can be frustrating because of certain sorts of people who don't know how to be "nice." Here, people are generally nice and the staff is friendly enough. Let me know if I can ever be of assistance and welcome to Minitokyo.

  7. Huesin Moderator 3d 3h ago

    Quote by DontTellDadi never have to ask them :p

    seriously you must really be dead... or um... nevermind

    Why not, can you read minds or something? x.x That's kinda scary..

    Dead, only on the internet. Irl I'm just a normal dude with normal interests. I know what you mean by that "nevermind", and lemme say you're wrong :P

  8. Tsasu 4d 1h ago

    Quote by DontTellDad

    Quote by TsasuShe sounded like a handful when she was a puppy, we had three puppy's so we didn't really keep then inside the house even so they were (are) still a handful. We did bring them in when we had bad weather , so i know what you mean ,this guys had to stay in the restroom so they wouldn't kill themselves.

    Why the name 'little bit'?

    yes... big puppys in the house can cause lots of damage!

    when she was a puppy she would always sit and watch me eat and some things people eat are okay for dogs to have some of... finally i got tired of her staring at me eating so i asked her if she wanted a little bit... the name stuck XD

    Yeah they do , plus I feel like them being outside let's them still a bit wild to their hearts content. There is just so much pop to clean T.T, i mean have you ever stepped on dog shit, if so you will know that the small will just not go away even if you rub it off in the grass >.<

    That's actually way more creative and better story then why I named this guys Zeus , Max and Chocolate. I am just terrible at making up names on the spot.

    Hey i don't think we have formally introduce our self's . Well as you know I am Tsasu but you can just call me Tsa or T, you are sort of new right? How did you find out about MT if you don't me asking.

  9. Huesin Moderator 5d 0h ago

    Quote by DontTellDadyoure lucky your gramps holds em in... trust me

    I don't need a jury because im not charged with a crime... you just pulled me off the street and tried to steal my soul
    you cant have it silly boi :p

    besides... souls and brains arent what guys want... million years old or not

    Lucky~ I trust you xD

    That's what I did your Honor. I was hoping to steal this silly girl's soul and sell it a higher price :3 Damn I forgot I was the judge..
    I know I can't, but I have a plan :P

    Well, depends on the guys you ask. I'm only interested in souls and brains tbh. Trust me Han Han.

  10. Huesin Moderator 5d 5h ago

    Quote by DontTellDadyour gramps doesnt get gas? omfg!

    hey skeletons arnt my peers huey... you are so aggravateing dammit!

    Dunno, I'm not close when he does anyway x_x

    Ok ok, then you bring your own peers -3- I'll bring the jury tho :)

  11. Huesin Moderator 5d 6h ago

    Quote by DontTellDadi dont wanna snuggle with a zombie... huey that was my point mister! >_<
    i never smelled a fossil... dont they all belong in a museeum?

    my gramps shares presents... the silent but smelly type that clear me out of the house x_x

    hey dont you have to follow certain rules mister judge your honor? i deserve a jury of my peers! :p

    I thought you did for some reason xD my bad..

    They smell like rocks, and yes, they belong in a museum xwx

    What kind of presents are those ^^;

    You're right.. ahem.. I could bring you a jury of skeletons, and pay for a zombie attorney. But first, you have to deposit your soul in this glass bottle owo"

  12. Huesin Moderator 5d 7h ago

    Quote by DontTellDadim not great at math but half and a quarter means theres part of you missing...
    and snuggling with a zombie doesnt sound very romantic to me... the smell must be really bad too. D:

    old people are cool cuz they have stories and know a lot... my gramma gives me the best presents and makes quilts and stuff for my room i dont know how old she is though

    well... unless someone else reads your page your secrets safe with me huey

    hey since when is maybe you can ask me an agreement? you would make a terrible attourny mister!

    Yes, part of my ribcage is missing. I lost it a year ago..
    A million year old zombie is basically a fossil. Fossils don't smell x.x
    I guess zombies are not that romantic.. why would you wanna snuggle with a zombie tho? You could lose your brain or something owo"

    My grandpa doesn't give me any presents ;3; but he can still play the guitar :)

    Thanks han han, yours are safe too, just saying, in case someday you wanna share any secret.

    I just decided it's a valid agreement, mwahaha~
    I'm a terrible attourney, but I'm the best judge :P

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