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  1. UberDog 3d 17h ago

    Quote by DontTellDad okay then, russian dj pony-dog girl, how do you make a thread here and do I need a needle? cuz i dont sew... like at all
    Oh, do you really like vladimir pootin or will they toss you in a goolag if you say you dont? an i hope you dont live in siberia cuz you might freeze your goodies off for real


    I may not speak ill of my country's protector the dear Vladimir Putin. He is soooo smexy when he rides around on horseback with his shirt off!

    DTD you MUST join these groups or face death by firing squad.






    Just kidding...join if you so feel you want to.

    Nine months out of the year you could etch glass with my nips. O.O

  2. UberDog 5d 16h ago

    Quote by DontTellDad seriously... who calls a lady a dude? i dont have the equipment and youll just have to take my word for that

    i just thought that since youve been here since i was 7 years old youd know if there was anything less boring to do than fave stuff and post in the shout section

    youre just hilarious girl... no seriously you are starting to confuze and worry me now

    Sorry Dudette. >.<

    I just come post and have fun. My artistic capabilities fall just north of stick figures so I don't post any art work on this site. I posted a Purple Llama once(my one and only submission here at MT) and it was denied in less than two days. TBH it was cute but rather simplistic so no hard feelings here. Hrrmmm? Things to do here? Hard to say as the whole attitude here around this site has been one of just keep the ship afloat but don't put any extra effort in to improve it. I do have to say that the Owner of the site has come out from the abyss and stoked a fire(how long that lasts is anyone's guess) under the staff's posteriors. Maybe this will lead to new things to do around here and maybe some of the staff will take a little more pride in the site but only time will tell. So to answer your ever ending question...post some art, download some art, make friends, create a thread, tag some art, critique some art and just try to have some fun. If that does not float you boat then set sail to better waters. Just remember to always keep a check on and protect your BOOTY ! * Thrusts Cutlass into the air *

    I am only funny when looking in a mirror. But I do try to provide some giggles as we revolve around the big ball of hydrogen.

    P.S. - Don't be confused...it will all make sense very soon...trust me. =^_^=

  3. UberDog 1wk 0d ago

    Quote by DontTellDad wtf is a fungan?

    you arent bein straight with me are you girl?

    and you didnt tell me what the hell there is to do around here besides post in the shout

    Well when you live on the planet Fungo you speak "Fungan"...Sooooo.

    As far as I know the new rules at this joint are anything goes(well almost anything) so knock yourself out dude.

    Oh and I am always "straight" so get "bent". >.< o.O lmfao!

  4. DontTellDad 1wk 0d ago


    just dammit

  5. UberDog 1wk 4d ago

    Quote by DontTellDad wow, my first friend... thanks i guess. um, you can speak english or do you use a translator. but i don't know any russian

    hey, what is there to do in this place? i was just looking for Hunter X Hunter walls but why do people join here? am i missing something girl?

    Yeah here in the Motherland we eat cold soup and drink plenty of distilled potato juice to keep warm especially in the Winter months.

    As for the Hunter X Hunter images I have no clue. Maybe it just is not a popular enough series or there are not enough boobies ( . )( . ) shown to suit the members of this site. Who knows. You could always upload some images if you have the time. Just make sure that the images meet the requirements for submission.

    Oh and know I do not use a translator...I speak absolutely perfect Fungan.

    By the way if you have any serious questions about this site or need help feel free to talk to angelxxuan she was a former staff member and loves to help people. Take care and see you around MT(Minitokyo). =^.^=

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