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  1. Huesin Administrator Dec 19, 2017

    Quote by DontTellDadhey... snows ok but theres such thing as way too much too

    it would be great to taste your food... my dads not the best cook... dont tell him! XD

    if you were here id make you a pie special... just for you... its important not to let the bottom crust get soggy before its in the oven
    also to much sugar is almost worse than not enough... the pecans have to be really fresh and taste right

    thanks huey and bye!

    I guess there is... I still wanna see some snow tho

    I'm cooking right now, I made a dozen cakes, and I have to do another dozen later. I won't tell him xD I can't tell him anyway, I don't know your dad ^^;

    That sounds great :) I'd like to plant a pecan tree in my house...

    Bye, I hope you come back soon Hannah o/

  2. UberDog Dec 11, 2017

    Quote by DontTellDad ubie... im probly not comin around anymore... at least for a long time
    tell bunny bye for me... you two and pikachu were really the only ones nice...
    and one of the mods said they r closin the forums too so...
    ill miss you sis!

    We shall meet in the Either that lies in between here and there...
    I enjoyed chatting and posting with you. I will tell Bunny that you said not good bye but see you later.
    *Hugs and Kisses* digital Sister.

  3. pikachu36 Dec 11, 2017

    Wait do you have some way I can contact on somewhere else? :/

  4. pikachu36 Dec 11, 2017

    Wait do you have some way I can contact on somewhere else? :/

  5. pikachu36 Dec 08, 2017

    Np ^-^

  6. pikachu36 Dec 02, 2017

    haha no worries take your time and i'll be around. I am like this person too so no worries there ^^ I appreciate that you take it slow and think things through. You have my respect :)

  7. pikachu36 Dec 02, 2017

    I understand completely what you mean. ^.^ I tend to be what you descried almost down to a tee. The only real difference with me is that in the past I have rushed into a relationship and found out how foolish that was haha (never again). Anyways glad my comment could make you happy ^-^ I um....wouldn't mind talking to you further and getting to know you better if you would like too ^///^, but perhaps maybe in a pm? Well either way options up to you.

  8. Huesin Administrator Nov 30, 2017

    Quote by DontTellDadyeah, i love snow until it is too deep and i have to walk in it... if its real deep sometimes i dont have to work cuz business is slower

    can you cook italian food? i wouldnt want you to have to deliver cold food so far away... besides spagetti would be a fossle in so much of a long time

    you are welcome huey... so did you like pecan pie?

    i might try to update my pic later


    Snow is nice. It'd be good if snowed a lot here :(

    I can cook some stuff.. lasagna is not that complicated, pasta.. I think it's best to cook and eat the food straight away tho, delivering would be too much trouble xwx

    Ummm, I can't say I like pecan pie till I eat one ^^; I'd really like to try one of your pies tho.

    Ok~ If you need help with it just tell me. Cya Hannie~ o/

  9. pikachu36 Nov 30, 2017

    Thank you ^^ I try to be a gentlemen when I can. Tbh though......I um....actually haven't ^///^, but I like it. It's a nice feeling ^//^ Sure you can tell me what you like in guy. Also yes....yes you are ^///^ I don't lie about such things.

  10. pikachu36 Nov 27, 2017

    ps.......your um not bad looking yourself ^///^

  11. pikachu36 Nov 27, 2017

    It's alright I would rather not pressure you into talking about something you don't want too. I'm sorry about whatever it is going on with your friend though and if you ever need someone to lend their ear and listen though i'm here :3. M me? I am? ^/////^ t thank you, sadly it hasn't helped me in the gf department haha. Hopefully someday *sighs* (i'm a hopeless romantic type)

  12. Huesin Administrator Nov 26, 2017

    Quote by DontTellDadyes.. see my pm

    you did promise buster! :p

    climbin a mountain is too much work just for snow XD

    id like to taste your cookin... i dont plan on going to sa anytime soon tho... um... you want pie? okay il drop it off in the shout thing

    i gave up on my new profie pic... maybe later... its gonna be a busy week but ill try to drop in ... bye huey!

    But I saw this message first x_x I usually don't get pm's.

    I'm gonna keep that promise, don't worry xD

    Yeah it's too much work, but my brothers and I climb mountains when we're too bored :P We watch the snow for an hour then we go back home.

    I'd cook anything for you, the problem is, going south is easier than going north. North has too many walls x.x Anything I cook for you now would arrive next decade, sorry ^^;
    Thanks for the pie btw~

    Never give up, Miss x.x I'll try to help you later if you still want to fix it, bye bye~ :)

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